5 Best Android Jelly Bean Apps

Jelly Bean Apex

This is a Jelly Bean theme for Apex and Nova launchers, If you don’t have any one of them than go get them and use this beautiful Android 4.1 Jelly Bean on your non- Jelly Bean phone.The app is for free and it tastes just like original and your friends won’t guess that you are using a theme.The theme includes HD icons and 10 HQ HD Jelly Bean original wallpapers.This amazing theme is super smooth and buttery and wont lag even a little .you can taste the flavour of the Jelly Bean on your phone.


Jelly Belly Jelly Beans Jar

Jelly Belly is a Jelly Bean live wallpaper,a truly awesome thing you will definately love it.Jelly Bean in different flavours will tickle down on your home screen and gradually fill it up.You can play with the beans grab them,move them and throw them and invent a game ,stop beans from touching the ground.Tap the screen to download more Jelly Bean to the screen.Touch a Jelly Bean to move it spin it and flick it. You have a option to chose flavour you like from  Buttered Popcorn or Very Cherry.Can even customize the background colour .If you want to make the beans disappear shake your phone or tilt it upside down the Jelly Bean will vanish away.


Audio Manager

Audio Manger is the best app available on Google Play to manage your sound and highly compatible with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean phones.With this app you will get variety of home screen widgets, managing your sound in more precise way.Plus you chose from 100 widget skins available on the Android app store.This app is truly awesome you gotta try it. One of the best Android Jelly Bean apps.

Jelly Bean Keyboard

Jelly Bean Keyboard will bring Android Jelly Bean keyboard to your Android phone.Finally a keyboard that has it all. Really nice with quick switching between two language layout.Available dictionaries from the market search for “Ics language packs”  from the market for: French,Bulgarian,Italian,Arabic, German,Russian,Dutch,Czech, Spanish,Hebrew & Slovak.

Jelly Bean calculator

Quite offen we need perform some mathematical operation and some times they are trigonometric calculations,and there is no Scientific calculator nearby this is the perfect solution.Jelly Bean Calculator is the perfect calculator .It allows you to copy and paste. Perform advanced mathematical functions: trigonometry, logarithms, parenthesis, exponential and more. You can even check the history.Best Jelly Bean app for me as it helps me allot in my daily life.


These are some 5 Best 5 Best Android Jelly Bean Apps I found. Hope you like them comment below if you like them.


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