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In today’s High technology world a Smart Phone is recognized by its operating system.Android is best operating system in present days and today everyone wants to buy a Android powered phone.People ask me which phone to buy and I say them ‘’The one with Android” .There are many reason behind it.Some advantages of Android are that it is user friendly it creates new possibilities .Android operating system provides multitasking doing different processes at same time,Easy notifications it includes text,email,Facebook,Twitter and other social media notifications. Android OS keeps you notified with each and every thing you need to know.Android users can access to Android app store Google Play which contains thousands of app to Download.Buyer has a choice to buy android phone of multiple manufacturers.This makes Android OS user friendly and popular among users.Now some history of Android.

Android Incorporation was founded in Palo Alto, California, United States in October, 2003 by Andy Rubin,Nick Sears and Rich Miner.In 2005 Google bought Android and it became a member of Google with its top employees including the founders.In November 2007 first Android SDK ,software development kit.SDK is a platform for developers to develop new apps and software for android operating system.

HTC Dream G1 First Android Device by Google was released on 23 September 2008 with Android 1.0 in it.Later on December 2008 and Open Handset Alliance came in to being among many companies like Samsung,Sony,Nvidia,HTC etc

Android 1.0

  • Android Market apps with download and update
  • Multitasking,GPS,Bluetooth & WiFi
  • Web Browser with zoom and pan with HTML pages and multiple pages at same time
  • YouTube Video player
  • Camera with no change of resolution
  • Add different icons to one folder on Home screen
  • LED flash,Vibration alert and ringtone in Notification alert in status bar
  • Google Sync for apps
  • Voice dialer
  • Basic apps like gallery,alarm clock,calculator,settings and Home screen launcher

Android 1.5 Cupcake

  • Android Market was categories with Top free,Just in,Top paid filters
  • New On screen keyboard
  • Fast camera startup and image capture with integration to photo gallery
  • Toggle between video recording and camera with video playback
  • Faster and accurate GPS location system
  • Upload media directly to Picassa and YouTube
  • Stereo support for Bluetooth with auto pairing

Android 1.6 Donut

  • Home Screen with folders and widgets
  • Stereo Bluetooth option included
  • Search is enhanced Quick search and Voice search feature
  • Within Browser Copy Paste enabled
  • Battery usage bar,indicator
  • Text to speech option
  • Camera recorder mode for recording and watching videos
  • Shift between Still and Video capture moods
  • Google maps

Android 2.0 Éclair

  • SMS and MMS search option
  • Contact pop-up widget
  • Contact synchronization & Multiple email accounts
  • Keyboard with Dictionary
  • Browser supporting HTML5
  • Improved Google Maps
  • Bluetooth upgraded to 2.1
  • Calendar with better features3
  • Allowing Live wallpapers
  • Better camera with flash support,zoom and affects
  • Microsoft Exchange Support

Android 2.2 Froyo

  •  Memory,graphics,performance and speed optimization
  • File upload via browser
  • Android market updated with auto updates for apps and transferring them to SD card
  • Android Cloud service introduced
  • Allowing multiple user accounts
  • Multiple Languages added to keyboard
  • Voice dialing,Better content sharing over Bluetooth and USB Hotspot support
  • Adobe Flash 10.1 added
  • Microsoft Exchange Support enhanced

Android 2.3 Gingerbread

  • Sensor support
  • Better UI simple and speedy
  • Better keyboard for fast typing
  • Text selection for copy and paste
  • NFC near field communication
  • Calling over internet and new download manager added
  • Audio equalization and settings added
  • Google Talk voice and video chatting
  • Better Voice command
  • Text to speech
  • Better browser

Android 3.0 Honey Comb

  • This version was specially designed for android tablets with large screens.
  • Supports high core processors with encryption of all user data and Hardware acceleration
  • Supports video chat on tablets,better notifications,auto form filler and,Multiple browser tab option
  • Redefined multi tasking with widget and home screen customization with new keyboard
  • Built-in Media transfer protocol
  • New contact and email UI
  • Full screen mode for album preview
  • Full UI for tablets
  • USB accessories connectivity enabled
  • Home screen with resizable widgets
  • High performance on WiFi,with HTTP proxy
  • External devices like keyboards,joysticks,game pads,audio devices supported

Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich

  • Increased speed with high performance
  • Folder creation made easy with drag and remove
  • Virtual buttons in UI
  • Improved visuals
  • Pinch to zoom
  • New search box on home with voice search ability
  • Swipe to remove unwanted notifications and in task manager remove recent apps with single swipe
  • Integrated Screen capture by pressing home button and power button simultaneously
  • Access app directly from home screen
  • New Feature Face unlock,secure your phone with face unlock ,device only unlocks after viewing your face
  • Better multitasking efficient power saving mode
  • Browser allowing 16 tabs at same time
  • Enhanced camera with zero sutter lag,and 1080p video recording for simple android devices
  • Photo editor with better gallery design
  • Android beam a NFC communication system
  • Offline search within phone


Android 4.1 Jelly Bean

  • New Accessibility
  • Better Android Beam
  • Audio Accessories Enabled
  • Better Calendar
  • Improved Camera and Gallery
  • Internationalization
  • New Keyboard
  • Better Messaging & Talk
  • Networking
  • Better News & Weather apps
  • Google Now
  • Google Current
  • Google Play Music
  • Google Play TV & Movies
  • Google Play Books

Complete overview:Android Jelly Bean 4.1

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