Gameklip:Merge Your Android Phone and PS3 Controller


Now a days Android has so much new and good games that you need to attach a peripheral device or some thing to  play the games more professionally and accurately.Using a PlayStation 3 controller with your android device is nothing new. Pairing two devices for more Android gaming action has been around here for old times.Even apps on Google Play exist to make this process simple and easy.The thing that remains unchanged is that Is your Android Phone is lying on a surface or is leaning on some support while you are playing games,this makes you exhausted.

Gameklip is here to rescue the Android gamers with a solution for variety of Android devices. GameKlip is a simple clip that allows you to mount your phone securely on a PS3 SixAxis controller for some ultimate gaming fun.The GameKlip only mounts your Android device on your controller. There is no connectivity software included with the GameKlip. To pair my controller with my phone,An app called “Sixaxis Controller,” by Dancing Pixel Studios, available on Google Play. Unfortunately not all phones are compatible and root access is currently required for wireless connections. Make sure to try the “Sixaxis Compatibility Checker” to see if your phone is compatible before buying. If the compatibility checker says you don’t have root permissions for a wireless connection, see below. Samsung Galaxy S3 users  have a bonus for their device,you can use a GameKlip with a wired connection.No need to Root or use any third part apps,Plug,Play and enjoy.Its easy since it is tried on other phones,you only need a USB OTG cable that comes with your PS3 controller or select the “wired GameKlip” option at checkout and I’ll include the necessary cable. The cable is short, light, and doesn’t hinder your gaming at all. Not all phones support wired connections

Official words of GameKlip “”Does my phone support a wired connection to the Dualshock3 controller? I have tested a wired connection with my AT&T Galaxy S3. I have seen videos of it working with the international version, and users have confirmed it is working on the Verizon Galaxy S3. I have not tested it with other phones, but I hear there are others that work. I recommend googling “your phone model + usb otg + sixaxis” or something similar. Most likely someone has tried connecting one already.”"

The GameKlip is available in wired $23.00 / £15.99 and wireless $15.00 / £10.49  play versions.There is no software included it is just a clip .You will be Lucky if your Phone supports a wired connection if ot then you have to use old ways of connection.

GameKlip Supported Devices

  • HTC Evo 4G LTE (Sprint) HTC
  • HTC One X (All Variants)
  • Galaxy Nexus (LTE)
  • Galaxy Nexus (HSPA+)
  • Galaxy Note (AT&T)
  • Galaxy SIII (All Variants)
  • Galaxy SII (International)
  • Galaxy SII (Epic 4G Touch, Sprint)
  • Galaxy SII (Skyrocket, AT&T)
Good news for Android Tablet owners the makers of GameKlip are also working on a version for 7-inch Tablets.             Pre-orders are open with International shipping .Click below.


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