Google Announces Nexus Q=$299

Google Declares Nexus Q: $299
Google t, declared the Nexus Q, at its developer’s meeting. It’s a living room friendly device & helpful gadget. However, Nexus Q will be costing $299 vs. $99 that other press loading gadgets (e.g., The apple company TV, Boxee, Roku XS) go for.

The Q is set to run on the Google ecosystem. The environment is currently 400 thousand devices. Q allows several customers to accessibility it. Say Ralph comes over and does not like your Woman Crazy playlist, he can place his benefit Bieber tune prior to your music, or even remove them from the playlist.

Q joins to the world wide web (Wi-Fi or ethernet connector). There is one management on the Q, 50 percent the dome creativities to reduced or increase the amount. The Q can be linked with speakers or TVs.


  •   4.6 inches (116mm)


  • 2 pounds ( 923 grams)


  •   Die-cast,precision machined zinc bottom
  • Housinginjection-molded ,interactive balanced top dome
  • With precision bearing & satin touch coating

Hardware Controls

  •  Rotating top dome volume control

Capacitive touch sensor to mute on/off .


  • 32 RGB perimeter LEDs
  • 1 RGB LED for mute indicator.


  •  OMAP 4460(Dual-core ARM Cortex A-9 CPU & SGX540 graphics core)


  • 16Gb NAND flash memory.


  •  Android 4.0(Ice cream sandwhich)

Supported Applications

  •   Google Play Music
  • Google Play Movies  & TV
  • Youtube.

Connectors & Ports

  •   Micro HDMI(Type D)
  • TosLink optical audio(S/PDIF)
  • 10/100 Base-T Ethernet(RH45)

Micro Ab USB,Banana Jack speaker outputs.


  • WiFi 802.11 b/g/n
  • Bluetooth



  •  25W class D(12.5 watt per channel)


  • Integreated 35W switching power supply
  • World-ready 50/60Hz 85-265v AC input
  • Automatic shutdown for audio amp when not in use.


Available for pre-orders in US in will be shipped in mid of July

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