How does the Google Play Apps Store work for uploading and downloading apps?

The Google Apps Store has been bundled with Google Music into a new multifaceted service called Google Play which was launched in March 2012. Users can use Google Play to search for and download apps to the Android mobile phones, whilst developers can directly upload apps to Google Play through an interface known as the Android Developer Console, for which it costs $25 to set up an account. Once you have done this and you have created an app that you wish to publish in order to make it accessible to users there are a number of tasks to complete. In order to prepare your app for release you will need to configure it according to a number of Google specifications. You must test it using appropriate handsets and ensure that any external servers you are using are configured. You will also need to create a number of screen shots, an icon and other publicity material. Once you have done this you will upload the .APK file. Once your app starts selling, Google will pay you 70% of the revenue it generates; payments will be made on a monthly basis. The rest of the sales revenues will be used to pay for external services. Google does not make a profit from it. Note that if you sell your app via Google Play you may also use other resources for distribution; Google will not impose any restrictions on how you otherwise market it. Users who previously were used to downloading apps for their Phones 4 U mobile phones from Android Market will find that all the apps that were located there have now been moved to Google Play. They can search for and download apps by accessing Google Play over the internet and pushing the apps to their mobile devices, are they can connect directly with their mobile devices to the Play Store that they should be able to locate on their home screens or app folder.

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