Samsung Galaxy S4 to be revealed next February

The iPhone 5 having just been launched means that Samsung is already hot on Apple’s heels with the desire to bring another smartphone to the table: the Galaxy S4, a continuation of the S3 model.

The new model has every chance of landing in stores next year in March. After a February release that will take place in Barcelona at an event called Mobile World Congress. This is what Samsung execs claim. This will be an earlier than expected launch. Because Samsung usually releases a new smartphone once every 12 months.

Soon the iPhone 5 is going to become available for sale in countries such as the UK, the US and many others. Which gives the South Korean company plenty of time to prepare a grand ceremony for their Galaxy S4. The new phone is going to presumably have a larger touchscreen, along the lines of 5″; it also looks like it will be an OLED kind of display.

Its size is a definite improvement, considering the fact that the Galaxy S2 and the Galaxy S3 had displays measuring 4.3″ and 4.8″, respectively. This new model is also going to sport the popular technology known as LTE. The CPU that will be featured will be based on an Exynos chip. And that is a very welcome piece of news. The team over at Samsung don’t know yet if they are going to go with a flexible display technology or stick to the older one. The operating system is expected to be the already sought-after Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. This version has many goodies waiting to be accessed by Samsung consumers.

The fact that the company decides to present the world with a new smartphone so soon will definitely boost its sales. The Galaxy S3 is already proving to be successful, with a market share of 33%. That is double the amount the manufacturer had last year. So we can only imagine how much these figures are going to increase once the Galaxy S4 officially arrives.

These days, Samsung is busy promoting their Galaxy S3 to as wider an audience as they can. In one of their ads they are talking about the specs their smartphone has compared to the ones featured on the iPhone 5.

But for now, Apple – Samsung’s biggest rival – is the leader in the US. Their share is 31%; Samsung’s is 24%. Still, the American company should start preparing for what 2013 will bring.


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