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In this in modern world of internet every individual needs different Accounts and you have to remember all those passwords and they all are important to us and we want them to be protected and if you have a Android Phone and you access you email,banking and social media accounts from it and it gets lost or someone gets access to it than would those passwords be protected?

Firefox can save usernames,emails and passwords of your online accounts.In order to prevent them from security threat you can set Master password .

Firefox has introduced a feature,Master Password which works on your Android phone or Tablet Firefox and you can minimize the number of passwords you have to remember and enhance the security of you data.

To begin the Firefox needs access to stored passwords.The Firefox will automatically fill in your username or email and password to the desire site  and when you are done with web simply quit and Lock all your usernames and passwords and make them safe.

To set it up on your Android phone


  1. Tap the hardware Menu button and select Settings
  2. Tap the Use Master Password check box

  3. Type a password into the entry fields

  4. Tap OK to setup Master password on Firefox for Android

 In Case you Forget The Mater Password

Tap the location bar at the top of the page, enter the following address: chrome://pippki/content/resetpassword.xul and then tap Enter.
The “Reset Master Password” page will appear. Tap the Reset button, to reset your master password.

If you don’t have Firefox for android than get it now from here


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